Normally I only drink red wines from France, but in the case of Harumph I will happily make an exception. One of the best California Cabs I've ever tasted.

Harumph is particular when it comes to fruit. Sourcing from only the best vineyards and the finest growers in Napa Valley, we have the luxury of choosing with whom we want to work and the freedom to make the wine we want to make. At Harumph, we love our wine and we’re excited to share it with you. Because to us, wine is about more than what’s in the bottle. It’s about friends, family, food and fun. It’s about living well and laughing out loud. It’s a fun label, but there is a serious wine inside.

Founder, Scotti Stark, pursues his favorite vineyards and vineyard managers and uses his relationships to get the best fruit he possibly can. The goal is to produce a serious wine in a fun package with an affordable price. Winemaker, Kimberly Hatcher, uses her own vineyard relationships and crafts delicious wines that are approachable and ageworthy all in one.


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